Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Last evening my husband is biking home on a well used paved bike path. He slows down for a group of about 8 teens skateboarding, mixed gender, all white group. As they sort themselves out talking and laughing with each other he sees two of the boys are in straight up blackface. Literally not camo paint, or a beauty mask (maybe teenage dares, ya know?). Nope, he said it was BLACK. One kid looked like he’d tried to wipe a little off. But it was like a minstrel show.

My husband was seriously shook up by this blatant racism. Our city is 1/3 nonwhite and we had racist graffiti all over and some hate crimes a few months ago. We’ve lived here 12 years and there’s never been stuff like this, in fact we pretty much have no crime other than opportunistic car prowls.


EVERYONE knows blackface is wrong. What the actual fuck. No crime was committed, what is there to even do when seeing something like this?

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