Has anyone here been to central/east Africa? I have an opportunity to go to Tanzania and possibly Rwanda. It will probably be for a week. Any recommendations for things I should do or check out while I'm there? I'm starting to do some research, but I always appreciate hearing from people I "know".

I know Tanzania has great national parks, and I'd love to check out Gombe Stream National Park where Jane Goodall did (still does?) her work with chimps. Any tips on how to be a responsible ecotourist?

Beyond tips on things to check out, are there any cultural issues I should be aware of? Things I should know to not offend people? For example, I've learned that both countries are pretty heavily religious (majority Christian, though Tanzania has a sizable Muslim minority), so I'll be sure to keep my atheist viewpoint to myself.

How about experiences of traveling? I know both countries have bus systems, but what are they like? Are there safety concerns I should be aware of?


And finally, does anyone know what the food situation is like? I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, and that's always a concern when I travel. It's also something that can be tricky to research online.