Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Need/Want List

I want to know a list of things you need/want. It doesn't have to be all the way serious.

I will start:


  • A degree in H.I.T.
  • An apartment/or a place of my own
  • A car
  • A well paying job that fits nicely with who I am
  • To be healthier
  • JJ Watt to marry me :D


  • JJ Watt to marry me :D
  • A million dollars
  • A computer that doesn't BSoD every 2 hours
  • A new phone that would let me play Candy Crush
  • An acceptable hair routine
  • The skill to put ALL THE NAIL POLISHES on
  • The ability to effectively communicate my thoughts in written and spoken form
  • A king size bed
  • Pillows that don't go flat after 3 weeks.
  • 2 more comforters
  • My dog's leg to become healed
  • My cats to stop being so judgy and eating my food.("Snoopy! That's MY Salad!)
  • For the other dog to stop barking while I am sleeping because the neighbor across the street has gotten into their car
  • For people to respect me
  • For people to appreciate me
  • For people to treat me with the same kindness I treat them
  • For my Texan's to win the damn game this week
  • And for the guys who keep telling me I am beautiful not to be taken already!

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