While walking back from the gym in my apartment complex with my husband, we encountered a group of probable teens hanging out by the tennis court with a strong smell of pot on the wind. It's Colorado. Whatever.

We walk by them on the path and starting quietly then getting louder - "I like kush." "This is such great kush."...."That's a nice pussy you got there."

We had passed them by a few feet at this point, but I immediately whipped around and yelled - "You shut the fuck up and don't ever talk to women like that." Which was, immediately shot down by stupid "Oh, I was talking to my girlfriend. She's so hot. Great pussy. Blah Blah Blah."

I think I shocked hedgehim by the fact that I kept yelling at them (arguing about his "totally real" girlfriend") until we rounded a corner. He offered to go talk to them, which I thought was ridiculous and unnecessary (and a little condescending? Like they'd listen to a dude?). I am, of course, still pissed and amped about the whole encounter.

I want to be able to shut these bozos up by myself. Help!

On a secondary note, should I call the cops since they are probably underage? (I probably should have started with that threat to shut them up!)


ETA: Has anyone ever felt they had a perfect line to shut catcalling down? I was pretty proud of myself for saying anything, but I want to be able to formulate the perfect response during the event. If only!