My darling kitty Sherman has developed a small lump on his head. So I, wanting to be careful, took him to my Doctor Daughter The Vet.

She took a sample and thinks it *may* be cancer. It *may* be an aggressive cancer. It *may* have spread.

There are a lot of “ifs” there.

Doesn’t matter. He’s only 7 and I’ve had a long spell of losing pets before their 10th birthdays (2/3 years ago I lost both my dogs and my cat. The oldest was 12) Daughter-the-Vet is doing blood work and then we will schedule surgery for removal of the lump, surrounding tissue just in case and a biopsy sample of his lymph nodes.

And I’m crying. And crying.

I have no photos of Sherman on my computer. This will be recified so I can show you my baby