I got a message from an older man (16 years older, to be exact) today, despite my profile note asking people outside of my age range not to contact me. Surprisingly, the note usually works โ€” I guess Wisconsin men are either really good about following directions? But anyway, as a result, I don't really get crazy messages to share like Whiskey and the others, so I am sharing this one.

So I get this message...

The note was actually pretty nice (as far as OKC messages go), except that he's looking for an affair. And it makes me pretty ragey when a dude wants to involve me in his affair. It's a flash point for me for some reason. I wanted to rant and tell him what a shitbag he was for soliciting a 22 year old at 38 for an illicit affair.

But since the rest of his message was so courteous and generally nice, I figured I would take the high road and just ignore him. Live and let live, right?


Well, he IM'd me just a few minutes later.

Sent you a message a few ago, but saw you were on chat and was wondering if you'd like to chat? :)


AHA HA HA HA HA no. No no no. My ragey glee was palpable. I no longer had to take the high road! He initiated!

1. No

2. I said on my profile not to message me if you were outside of my age range, which you are

3. I think it's despicable to cheat on your wife like this.

I was not particularly clever, but it felt good to type it out and vent my (possibly unreasonable) rage. It's dumb, because he seemed otherwise nice and reasonable, but seriously, I just can't with the "seeking affairs" guys.