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Thanks to the Pickup Artist "Community," negging is sadly still a thing. The irony of insulting a woman to get her attention is this: negging has become so well-known and recognizable, its common knowledge negates its intended effect. Sadly that doesn't stop these morons from doing it. Earlier today, I came across an old blog post, "Ten 'Awesome' Negs that Work." Work on whom, the author never says, but I know how I would respond.

For a girl with a belly shirt: "Did your shirt shrink in the laundry?"

If I wore belly shirts, I'd think this guy was a nitpicking moron for noticing such a minute detail or calling me fat.

"Your roots are showing."

I'm going gray all over, and I don't color my hair so this would leave me confused.

"Your nose is a little red. You're like an Eskimo. Cool."

No words just...

"You know, you look just like my little sister. Weird."

Whenever I hear something like this, I shrug because I assume the person doesn't need a response.

"You know, I like that outfit you've got on… but I don't know… your shoes don't really match. You should have gone with tan boots…"


My gaydar would be going off. If I knew it was a neg, I'd press him for his opinions on Fashion Week or the latest issue of Vogue.

To her guy friends, "So what's special about this one."

Have you met my guy friends? If not, this would be the reaction.

If she's talking tell her friends, "So do you guys ever get a word in edge wise?"


"Not when random assholes invade our personal space and demand immediate attention." Kidding. I could never be that quick on my feet. I'd probably say, "Do I know you? I'm pretty sure I don't, and this is a private conversation so..."

"Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that's right, Rainbow Brite remember her?"


Considering I have jet black hair and no freckles, I would find this comment stupid. If I was drunk enough, I'd ask the guy if he was color blind.

"I like your eyes. Hey… are you wearing colored contacts??? (before she can answer) Oh my god, no way, you are…"


"Uh okay? Whatever you say."

"You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of those newborns I saw on the discovery channel when they came out of the womb – all curled up."


"Hey, you're a goof."

This will get you a shrug and nothing more.

Feel free to share your responses too.

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