Our across the street neighbors have two boys: a 7 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. As I was talking to their mom, the little one wandered up to me, pointed at my chest, said something unintelligible but clearly said “boobies.”

“Oliver!” said his mom. Then she looked at me and kind of apologized shrugged. “He’s at the age where he’s noticing boobies.” The toddler then went up to his mom, hugged her leg, pointed at her chest and said more stuff that clearly included the word ‘boobies.’ Meanwhile, the 7 year old was adamant that he DOESN’T notice boobies and seemed to indicate he thinks they’re gross.

Honestly, I thought the whole thing was hysterical. I was laughing, the mom was trying to explain to toddler why he shouldn’t point it out, but he kept saying “boobies.” Then dad started telling Oliver not to be rude, not to say boobies, and to just stop. The whole thing ended when the 7 year old pulled out an air rocket and they found something new to do.

I suppose it’s not unusual for a toddler to notice breasts. It was pretty funny to have a kid that age walk up to me and point out my boobies as if he’d just noticed them for the first time.