Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Neighbors on either side have dogs

who think it’s their job to bark at us every time we venture into our back yard.

I have taken to , occasionally, slipping them treats and petting their snouts so that they have begun to not bark as much and mostly just look at me expectantly with wagging tails.


The couple on the right have a male shih tzu that they leave outside most of the time. Lately whenever he sees me he stops barking and starts licking his lips. A few weeks ago I got locked out of the house when I went to check the mail because SOMEONE had turned the lock on the knob and the door locked behind me. I knocked on this neighbor’s door and asked if I could use their phone. The wife invited me in to wait until Noklew showed up to let me in.

Their shih tzu came, who was inside for once, came running up, jumped on the couch and lay down with his head on my lap. His humans were “That’s weird. He usually doesn’t like other people”. I just smiled and kept petting and kissing my new best friend.

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