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Neo-Nazis blame "the Jews" for Flynn's resignation

Because who else are they going to scapegoat? Apparently many Neo-Nazis viewed Flynn as “one of our best guys” in the administration, and like the Trump administration seem to view the leaks as the problem, rather than Flynn’s illegal and traitorous calls with the Russians.

I hope the Secret Service protection on Jared Kushner is really tight. I would not be surprised at all if some Neo Nazi decided to take him out.


I believe that the GOP is biding its time, waiting for the moment to take Trump out and install Pence (it is too soon right now, they have to try and placate the “give him a chance” soft Trump supporter.). When they do, they better reverse Trump’s executive order that removes white supremacists from terrorism watch programs quickly , because pissed off Neo-Nazis are going to attribute whatever goes down to “the Jews”, and will be out for revenge.

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