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Here's a dump of some assorted nerdery for all you Jezzies:

1) Benny Cumz stopped by Entertainment Weekly to show off that yes, indeed, he can tan (and grow facial hair!) and to explain how Sherlock survived that fall.

2) I read this amazing article by Jaqueline Cottrell about cosplay and body shaming, which also delves into some intersectional stuff as well.


3) While we're on the subject of nerdery and social issues, I don't think enough of you lovely GTers have heard of The Mary Sue, a blog focused on all sorts of fabulous geekiness from a feminist perspective. Some day I will write for them (specifically on race-related issues), mark my words!!!

4) I stumbled upon this gallery of stock photos for romance novel covers. Would you guess that the site is run by a male model? Someone's trying to become the next Fabio and/or Tyra! You'll need to create a free account to view the sheer artistry of all the photos, but it's worth it. They have so many damn options to choose from, including one where a white guy and an asian woman with bad highlights are inexplicably covered in chocolate!

What would the title of this book be? I'm thinking, Like Water for Chocolate Syrup


Or this one? Maybe To Tame A Tarzan, Book 2: Jane's Amnesia

Have at it, GT! Post your own ridiculous covers and attached titles!

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