Spoiler alerts for anyone who is a Game of Thrones fan, what I'm talking about here may possibly spoil some of season 5. Spoilers for book readers as well, if you don't want to know anything about The Winds of Winter (book six in A Song of Ice and Fire) or you haven't read all of them I'd say tread cautiously or not at all in this thread.



GRRM is my new favourite author troll. I hate/love him because of this release, he knows that he's doing to his fans!

So in the wee hours this morning, his website released another excerpt from The Winds of Winter. Alayne I.

Alayne is the disguise Sansa Starkhas taken on, the bastard daughter of Littlefinger/Lord Petyr Baelish.

Similar to her show counterpart, Sansa has been going through some changes. She's no longer a Disney Princess (I always picture Sansa as Aurora the most useless of all the Disney Princess, but so pretty). I like to refer to new Sansa/Alayne as Darth Sansa.


Reading this chapter really brought home that Sansa is all grown up now. I mean, she laughed a dick joke guys. Three books ago she probably would've fainted.

But not only that Sansa has always been great at being a window into the political intrigue and goings-on's of the Kingdom or whatever Great House she is near. This time it's The Vale and Lord Baelish and let me tell you, I think shit is about to hit the fan.

Let's discuss and nerd out!