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Nerds raising daughters (and fuck all technology)

I'd written a long detailed post about this, but my tablet broke right as I was about to hit send, so this is the short version.

  • I have a nerdy friend
  • He's about to become a dad
  • Wants to give his action figures to future child.
  • People keep asking "but what if it's a girl?"
  • Fuck them
  • He's now worried about it. Just wants to do the right thing for his kid.
  • I told him not to worry. Girls don't get fucked up just playing with boys toys.
  • Patriarchy sucks.
  • Nerdy little girls are awesome
  • Need resources to show him to set his mind at ease
  • Blogs by nerdy dads etc
  • +1 internet point to those who help me.
  • Fuck technology
  • Fuck dickheads
  • Fuck partiarchy
  • Sorry about the bullet points.

ETA: I've tagged this observation deck now because I think that there might be a few voices from over there who can help too.

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