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So next month, I start school again.

GT, I'm so nervous to start dental school. I'm very excited, too, but as I'm getting closer to it, I find myself becoming more and more anxious. This year off has spoiled me. I'm not sure if I'm ready to get back into the swing of things—but at a whole other level, at that. This is no longer undergrad—this is so much worse in terms of time commitment and difficulty. I KNOW I can do it and everything will be fine, but I'm afraid of things. I'm afraid that I won't find time to do the things I love to do (one of those things being wasting time on Jez/GT, hah). I'm afraid that I won't have time for my boyfriend (although I doubt this—we only see each other on weekends anyway). I'm mostly afraid of what the stress will do to me. I don't handle myself well under stress. At all. When I'm stressed, I'm pretty much depressed. When I was in undergrad, the stress of school would devolve me into tears and I'd waste time freaking out and crying in my bed about how I couldn't do anything, and I'd think to myself that I wasn't good at anything (not true, I know!) and I'd have anxiety attacks.

This year off has been stressful in different ways, but I haven't felt THAT kind (the kind I mentioned above) of stress for a whole blissful year, and it's been glorious. I FEAR that kind of stress and anxiety. In the end, I always always pull through, so I'm not worried about my abilities. I guess I'm just trying to air out my worries right now. Thankfully, I'll have a bigger support system now because there will be ~120 other people in the same exact shoes as me, doing the same exact thing.


Okay, thanks for listening <3

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