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waiting to hear if I get an interview for the job of my dreams. It's in social justice!!!! I've been trying and waiting for soooooo long to get a job I actually care about (i.e. in a field that is focused on helping people or learning, not making money by doing something soul-suckingly boring/possibly or probably immoral), and have had so many near misses. Is it possible to go through stages of grief about your career going nowhere? Because I feel like I have, and now I'm torn between the last three. Bargaining: "Oh please god if there is a god I will do anything I will work 60 hour weeks I will take a pay cut literally anything just give me a job I actually want to get up in the morning for." Depression: "Who even cares, I will probably be stuck doing this forever." Acceptance: "Well, it could be worse. At least the rest of my life is pretty okay, and my boss is nice."

I know in the span of my life, 4 years isn't that long (that's how long I've been out of college) and I've gotten good experience and done a lot of volunteer work. But sometimes it just feels like those 4 years have been forever and nothing will ever change. Did you feel like this at one point in your life? Did it change for you? Give me some hope, GT!


ETA: YAYYYYYY I GOT AN INTERVIEW!!!!!!!! this is clearly not actually a job yet, but still!!!!!!! it's a start!!!!!!!!

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