So the boy we'll call Trouble is due to call me tomorrow as per our plans/his promise from last week and as such I am dealing with this horrible sinking feeling that he will have changed his mind or worse, forgotten. I (really really) know I'd be better off without him if he fucks this up, but I really really (really) want it to work out. There's just something about him I can't shake despite my having tried for more than half a year

Also the boy I met on OKC is doing well (and the sex is fab) but he wants to hang always and, well... I don't. I'm not into seeing someone more than a couple of times a week right now, it'd just take up too much of my time otherwise. I'm happy being single and I want to stay single but now I'm worried that's not what HE wants. I guess we have to have The Talk. Better now than later I guess.

I can't believe that my life feels so low stakes right now that these are things I'm actually worrying about. I guess that's good news.

ETA also does anyone know how to tell my html to put text behind the cut? Just for cleanliness sake.