Tomorrow is my first day at my new gig. Its a large organization so we have the obligatory 8 hour orientation that everyone from director to janitor must be a part of. I had nightmares that I missed the first day and woke up in a panic this morning. Due to not working for the past five months I have not woken up at 6 am in a while so I am really worried about falling asleep at a reasonable hour and getting myself going in the moring. This is usually where coffee does its magic but I'm pregnant and coffee makes me want to vomit. Nausea in general is also a concern (it comes on so fast!) so I am bringing a plastic bag in case I can't make it a bathroom. They've told me not to bring food and that they'll feed me on the first day but I'm worried I'll want a snack so I'll be the lady with crackers and Teddy Grahams in my purse. I also plan on sitting close to the door so I can escape to the bathroom as needed to puke/pee. I know I won't actually be doing any work tomorrow but why am I so nervous? I still have not heard from my new boss who I thought would get in touch over the past week to find out where I'm to report Tueday but hopefully I can get it handled tomorrow. It has been seven years since I've had a "first day". Got to make sure my representative version of myself is in full effect.