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Hey youse guys!

I am supposed to be doing dishes, but I hate dishes so I am wicked procrastinating currently (because ew, dishes). Now BoyHeathen and I got rid of our real cable about a year ago, and only got internet that was fast enough to support Netflix in January. So, yes please Netflix ALL THE THINGS. I love that I can binge watch a whole mix of television from really good, critically acclaimed stuff all the way down to getting drunk and watching Giorgio Tsoukalos’ teased hair wax poetic about Aliens building the pyramids( which I don’t care- that is QUALITY drunk tv watching y’all).


So I turn on my Netflix- I’m going to watch an episode of the old canceled network show I’m currently watching through, because at noon Knitting Today comes on Create Tv and then I will start dishes. (which again, I hate) And Netflix has a NEW show that isn’t marked as a Netflix exclusive, but I haven’t heard anything else about it anywhere else and it stars Osha and Ramsey Snow fighting ghosts? Or something? And then I just searched Netflix in the Netflix search bar- so meta! And holy crap you guys. They are doing everything. From “history” shows to gritty drams to sexy werewolves to mother fucking anime; Netflix has an original series. (I literally told the cable people who called up and tried to get me back on the comcast feed “but, netflix” and they kind of just hung up...) The problem is... how do you separate the House of Cards’ from the Hemlock Groves (which was fun, but terrible)? Which Netflix originals are lighting you up currently?

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