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Netflix/Amazon Movie recommendations for my visitors

Sooo, the weather is just sucky enough that I should not go out with my aging /old parents. Usually I have back up plans, but there's been a lot going on at work. That leaves watching movies and having take out (yeah, NYC!). We have kind of opposite movie tastes (although we all hated American Hustle ) so the Netflix suggestions aren't usefuland that Jinni suggestion generator is just weird. I'm having a brain freeze while they are being their usual "whatever you want" (I love my parents, I love my parents, I love my parents, I love my parents)

No SciFi, no rom coms. They like movies about black people and relatively straightforward narrative films, comedies or action films. Dad likes John Grisham. Mom likes historical movies. They liked Flight, Django Unchained, Selma. They like Tyler Perry, but I can't deal. As I'm talking this, I'm realizing they might like Talk to Me.

Help me Obiwan!

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