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Netflix and relationships

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I laughed when I read this Mary Sue article, but then it got me thinking.

The tl;dr of the article: A study shows that ‘show compatibility’ is now a major factor in deciding to date someone, and in evaluating their LTR feasibility.


At first, I thought that this was a totally inane thing to consider when dating, but then I thought about the past few years of my relationship with Mr. Cunning.

We cut our cable, and for a while, we watched shows together that were on Amazon or Netflix. But after we decided that we were done with Sherlock, there wasn’t anything else that we were both enthusiastic about, so we started watching stuff on our own.


After about a year, I realized that our evenings didn’t have a whole lot of talking. Like, we’d just open our laptops and be in our own worlds, which... wasn’t good. I suggested a few shows, but he would say he wasn’t really into them, so it was hard to get traction.

For Christmas, we got a WiiU, and they have EXCELLENT Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime apps, so I decided, fuck it, imma watch what I want on the TV and he can deal. I thought he’d gripe, but instead, he shut his laptop and we started watching stuff together. It’s made a huge difference.


So... yeah. I can see where this might be an important metric. I even realized that my marriage to my ex became tougher when we no longer shared evenings together, doing something mutual.

What are your thoughts?

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