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Netflix' Castlevania. Opinions?

Has anybody here been watching Castlevania on Netflix? What do you think of it?

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I was quite unimpressed with the first episode. It sounded like they were just making it gritty and gory and vulgar for cheap shock value.

But, as I kept watching the episodes, the series grew on me. They definitely get better, episode 4 is much better than episode 1.


Much as I normally loathe child killing in fiction, I must admit it was pretty much necessary here. Because the villagers had been so utterly and completely shitty to poor Lisa, so horrifically monstruous to a woman whose only fault was being in possession of a vagina while she studied science to bring medicine to poor people, that it would be incredibly difficult to resist the urge to root for Dracula if we didn’t see him send his minions to literally butcher babies.

The callout scene was a personal favourite. “Lies? In your House of God?”

I found Sypha very annoying at first. Some stranger risks life and limb to save your life and the life of your family, asking for absolutely nothing in return, and you bitch at him because the rescue wasn’t smooth enough? He is “rude”? You didn’t even say thank you!


However, she too gets better. She was a real badass in the final episode.

Alucard was pretty much perfect.

So, opinions?

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