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Netflix Docs

I watched three docs on netflix on my sick day yesterday. Well, three and half, I’m still finishing one. First I just want to say netflix really brings it documentary wise. I like their selection. Second it was hard to sleep with the rage these docs induced in my brain. And third reminded me why I am involved in my union and fight hard for worker’s rights (not that is exactly related).

Started off with 13th the Ava duVernay doc. Well fucking done. Brilliant writing, excellent interviews, really encapsulated the historical implications of slavery and institutionalized discrimination. I learned several legislative measures that I was unaware of. 5 stars.

Segued to Amanda Knox. I hadn’t watched any of the news coverage of the time so this was really an introduction for me. Also very well done. That fucking Inspector and the Brit journo are disgusting, egomaniacal opportunists. I gave it 4 stars because there was another accused person in the crime who I felt may have been dubiously prosecuted that I would have liked more information on. But I felt the doc did a good job of following the facts of the case while viewing it from Knox’s perspective.


And Audrie & Daisy. Two young women caught up in sexual assault cases that went viral. Only half way through it but it’s giving me rage. It’s amazing because I’m just listening to these girls and nodding, like yeah did the same stupid ass shit when I was your age. Drinking, hanging with boys, making fun decisions looking for adventure and good times. Fuck that shit man, why can’t girls be girls?

Anyway, if your into some docs and haven’t watched these ones I say go for it.

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