I like true crime stuff. Good true crime documentaries, or even television, gives insight to a different mindset that I would normally not have exposure to.

So somehow, a documentary called Talhotblond showed up on my queue. I don't know if it's something I randomly put on because TRUE CRIME, but I have no memory of putting it on my list. I just finished Leverage, and needed something that didn't require a bunch of attention.

Synopsis - middle age man starts an online relationship with a teenage girl (technically legal age), and pretends he is much, much younger. Girl finds out the lie. Girl starts relationship with younger man who is a co-worker with liar man. Girl and liar man kind of rekindle, but as "friends" with apparent sexting benefits. Girl has conversations with younger man. Liar man gets jealous, kills younger man. Later it is found out that girl is actually a 46 year old woman who pretends to be her daughter.

It's a fucked up story. The mother has some serious issues and did behave abhorrently. I feel incredibly bad for her daughter and her family.

So, you might be thinking, geez Marsupial, why so ragey? BECAUSE THE DOCUMENTARY SPENT IT'S EFFORTS TRYING TO BLAME THE WOMAN AND THE MURDER VICTIM FOR THE CRIME. The entire fucking movie. There was even a criminal psychologist lamenting on how awful the woman was and how she caused the murder. There was maybe 1 minute where the blame was placed on the actual murderer, and that was done by a cop.

What the ever loving fuck.

Listen, she was not in the right at all. But there is a huge difference between catfishing and murder. The documentary didn't even present that she even hinted that she wanted the murder to occur.


So just don't watch it. It's horrible. And rage inducing.