I know these threads come up a lot, but now it's my turn!

I just finished New Girl and I need a new show. I'd prefer something not too serious, it's hard for me to just sit and watch, so I'm usually painting my nails or doodling at the same time. I like TV shows, the more seasons the better!

Stuff I've seen and liked alright:

Scrubs, Bob's Burgers, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Psych, Sherlock, Doctor Who, OitNB, Arrested Development, White Collar. There are shows like Dexter and Weeds that I'm not caught up on, but don't remember enough to jump back in and don't really want to re watch from the beginning. And I loooove Luther, but my me time is at night when Mr.BT is at work and the kids are in bed and I'm a giant chicken.

Stuff I didn't like:

Pretty Little Liars, House. I binge watch, so shows where every episode is formulaic get boring pretty quickly.


I'm not grabbed by any of the Netflix recs, I'd rather hear from people who have similar likes and brains. Give it to me, GT! What should I watch?