I’m still trying to process if I’m really excited about this or not. I enjoyed the show and binge watched it when it arrived in Netflix, but mostly that just reminded me that I didn’t really like the “Gilmore Girls”, but I loved all the side characters. And, so far they seem to have only confirmed Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson are back. I mean, I’m excited Kelly Bishop is coming back, and seeing Emily without Richard could be very interesting. But, until I see Lize Weil on that list, I can only get so excited (I wish this entire revival was going to be about Paris).

I just found this, about where the actors think their characters would be now. I agree with them all, except Rory. She would have gone on the Obama press tour, realized she wasn’t the smartest, bestest, most amazing reporter in the world, suffered a mental breakdown, quit journalism, and is now living with Emily and helping her run charity events (Emily is doing it because she is good at it and enjoys it, Rory....well it’s because it is better than sitting around moping that she isn’t the specialist snowflake).