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Netflix Thumbnails

A while ago I saw that this was the thumbnail for Parks and Recreation on Netflix, and I was mildly annoyed.

But, I mean, I get it—Chris Pratt is by far the biggest star on that show now. So I can understand wanting to promote him more.


But then just now I noticed that this was the Gilmore Girls thumbnail:

What the heck, Netflix? Jess was only in a few seasons of that show and no way Milo Ventimiglia is famous enough to justify this! How can you not have the Gilmore Girls on the Gilmore Girls thumbnail!?

So I decided to look through the some other thumbnails and see if this was an established pattern of favoring male characters over female ones for the thumbnails.


There were a couple more cases I saw, like Jack for 30 Rock instead of Liz.


And come on, are you kidding me with this!?


ALL of the guys and NONE of the girls, on the Gossip Girl thumbnail!


There were a few cases I saw that went the other way—putting women in the thumbnails when I would consider a man to be the most prominent character in the show:


So now it seems more like just... some very strange choices rather than sexist ones. I’m not sure what to make of it, but it’s definitely weird.

Has anyone else noticed weird thumbnail choices for Netflix? Or if there is similar weirdness on Hulu? I just check all of these on Hulu and the ones that exist on that site have thumbnails with characters you would expect more.

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