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Neurofeedback Experience?

Have any of you GTers done (or known someone who's done) neurofeedback? I've been seeing a therapist for about 2 months now, and we've been doing a combination of talk therapy along with visualization and meditation techniques. Normally this wouldn't be my thing, but I wanted to try something different, and I did feel like it was helping a little. During my last session she suggested trying neurofeedback, as a way to increase motivation/concentration, supposedly it helps regulate sleep patterns etc. I was wary, but overall open to it, because the therapist generally seems on the ball. I had my first session this afternoon, and it left me more skeptical than I was before.

My understanding is that it's supposed to read brain waves. But because her office is in the middle of Manhattan, there was electronic interference, which prevented the computer from doing a proper reading. So I basically paid to just listen to music for 40 minutes. I admit it was relaxing, but I could download spa music and rain noises or whatever, and lie down on my couch for free and probably be just as relaxed.

I've read the interwebs about the pros and cons, but I guess I want to hear from someone who has actual experience with it, and not just scientists debating the effects.

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