So. We just got back from the ER a little while ago.

Other-Husband and I had walked into town to the store, which is about a mile away. A nice, leisurely stroll. We were about 1/3 of the way back when I got a phone call from Husband. At the same time, O-H gets a call from his mom. Right there, I knew that was the end of the leisurely part.

Husband tells me, "You need to get here 5 minutes ago. OldestSmacks fell and cut his hand on something and there is blood everywhere." Almost-MIL is telling O-H basically the same thing. We didn't run (I can't), but that was definitely the fastest 2/3 mile I've ever walked! Got home, and the kid is nowhere to be found. He is terrified of needles, and A-MIL had told him he was going to need stitches, so he took off. Argh! He showed up again a few minutes later with a female friend, who helped me bully him into the car and O-H drove us to the hospital.

I'm not fazed by blood or injuries... I can't be with this bunch around... but, wow, that was a lot of blood. He'd wrapped his hand in his t-shirt, and the shirt was soaked. Blood on his legs, his arms, his face... a LOT of blood. Enough that the ER admitting person looked a little nervous. Enough that he was getting light-headed and woozy by the time the dr looked at it.

It bled for nearly 45 minutes, in total, before the doctor got it to stop (tourniquet and holding his arm over his head) and we could really see what he'd done. Somehow, he managed to basically carve off about 1/3 of the pad on his right ring finger. It couldn't even be stitched, because there wasn't anything to stitch together. There was also a nice, deep gouge in the pinky fingertip. So, the doctor glued it. He said that, as the skin starts to heal and knit together under the glue, it'll loosen the glue, which will peel off in about a week. Fortunately, he didn't need a tetanus shot.


They gave him 800mg ibuprofen, and bandaged his fingers all up so he can't pick at it, and sent us home. His Majesty is now settled into regal splendor on the couch, watching Evolution, and eating Spaghetti-o's, with his brothers waiting on him hand and foot. His fingers should be fine in a couple of weeks.