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Never Doing Work For Free --A RANT OF ANNOYANCE

So, this school where I work has set up a day of meetings next month, which is apparently becoming a common thing now, for faculty. That day, adjunct faculty must attend some of these meetings, which are considered compulsory for them. This is not something in a contract, but a decision from on high, from administrators.

As an adjunct, on the day where I am required to attend some of these meetings, I have six courses I teach at different universities on that day. Literally, I go from class to class, with few breaks. I cannot make it to the majority of the meetings at all because I have paid responsibilities at other jobs. Of course, there is no payment for these required meetings.

So, I'm not going. That's it. I have paid work that I must complete. I can't go to these unpaid meetings during the times when I work at other jobs. It is unrealistic to even ask me or any adjunct to do so.


There is an unrealistic expectation here about what you can ask people to do when you pay them very little, don't employ them full time, and then, want them to attend the same kinds of events you require their full time employees to do. I think they believe that, because there are enough people that can be hired, they have their adjuncts over a barrel on this stuff OR it is because they genuinely do not understand the work of adjuncts.

IT IS UNACCEPTABLE. I already do a bunch of stuff for free for my work—LIKE GRADING. I GRADE FOR FREE. Think about that. I am not paid for those grading hours at all.

So, this is just stupid when I have to choose between ignorance or avarice in higher education as a motivation.

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