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Never-ending email frustration

So, I jumped on board to the Gmail train early, like as soon as it was offered and when it was still offered though invite-only.

As such, I have my name, JustSmileandNod@gmail.com (stand in for my real name).

Now, gmail says that every variation of my name belongs to me and will send emails to me—Just.Smile.and.Nod, JUSTSMILEANDNOD, J.u.s.t.s.m.i.l.e.a.n.d.n.o.d, etc, all get sent to me.


Over the years, I have received the following from people (or for people) with my name who forget to add a likely # to the end of their email (JustSmileandNod14, etc): wedding notices, flight verifications, baby shower registration emails, cheer leading camp invoices, confirmations for musical shows for performances for kids with developmental disabilities, and others.

I try to reach out when I can and let people know the mistake, but I can’t always do that. Most of them are no big deal, though I’m sorry I’m getting these confirmations for things that are somewhat important.


However, today I got an email that someone created a new paypal account, added a credit card, and made a payment under my account. That freaked me the fuck out, and then I realized that someone created an account under JustSmile.andNod, which PayPal accepts as different from JustSmileandNod but Google does not. I contacted PayPal and am waiting for a response, but my (very mean) instinct is to delete their account since I will be able to change it because all emails get sent to me just so there’s no remote possibility of a mix-up.

As it is, I’ve deleted all my credit cards because I’m paranoid.

Why can’t people remember their own stupid email addresses?

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