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Okay... you can play as much as or as little and GTers... you're in control of how dirty it gets! Let's face it though... living in squalor doesn't bode well...

If you have something you've never done and want to see whether or not other Groupthinkers have... comment back to this post and say "Never Have I Ever..." and then finish that thought.

Everyone else can either say, "I have!"-PLEASE tell us the story if you have (you don't have to) or "Neither Have I"


Whenever "Never Have I Ever" has fizzled, or just whenever you feel like it, we can play Truth or Truth on this post. Truth or Truth is like Truth or Dare, but without the Dares. So you comment back to this and pose a Truth: Have you ever seen a whale with a polka-dotted tale? Everyone would respond to you with yes or no....see how it's the same as Never Have I Ever! Lol, it's not...but that one is! Have fun!

As a reminder: the 11PM post expires at 7AM PST... if you want your picture down sooner and you're the victim to Kinja, please let me know.

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