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Welcome To The Bitchery

I give an overview of the two constitutional avenues for this. A lot of articles are saying impeachment is inevitable but I’m not so sure. It would require a lot of Congressional support, and here are two funny things I learned:

  • A President, caught doing something illegal, doesn’t necessarily get removed for office or punished in any way. It requires enemies in Congress.
  • However, enough enemies in Congress and a President doesn’t have to do something necessarily illegal to get impeached.

So, the burden of proof doesn’t really exist for him, but at the same time, if there are enough people willing to do his evil bidding in the chambers of Congress, it doesn’t matter how many crimes he commits.

I hope there are enough Congressional Republicans who are concerned about our foreign policy deteriorating before our very eyes. They (and I) would be more comfortable with Pence. As other commenters here said the other day, the damage Pence would do would be reversible, even if it was a tought fight that we don’t win for a while. Trump’s may not be.

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