Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A while ago, I put a call out to people in my real life to start broadening their horizons on social media - I try to make concrete goals, so I said “once a month, find new people of color and new Republicans who are respectable to follow.” This is my list of December follows - gotta practice what I preach. That way I’m accountable to everyone, and also doing some research to keep the lazies engaged.

I’m feeling kind of validated about it, after I got a Christmas card from my mom’s cousin with a little note that she loves my blog. Other relatives and various friends have given me good feedback in private ways (never comments or anything, even on my own FB), and told me they have been sharing it around.

I have also noticed the views going up that aren’t referred to via FB or here or Twitter (so through my personal channels), which backs up that people are passing it out. That means people I am not connected to are looking at it (not a ton, but enough to encourage me).


All these people are not inclined to engage in discussion online I guess - who knows why - but I hope they are at least reading thoroughly and taking some of the suggested actions.

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