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New Cookbook!

So my new cookbook arrived in the mail today: The Cuisne of the Kings of Poland in Malbork Castle, and it is very interesting. Malbork Castle, also known as Marienburg, was originally built by the Teutonic Knights, as part of their Crusade to Christianize the Baltic region. (There is another cookbook in the same series that deals with their cuisine.) The castle eventually fell into the hands of the Polish Kings, who used it as one of their royal residences from 1457 to 1772.

The book is bilingual in Polish and English, and contains recipes for soups, fish and seafood, meat, pates and aspics, and desserts. Curiously, there is no separate section for vegetables or sides.

Some of the recipes sound like they would not be out of place in the Game of Thrones Cookbook, for example Baked Partridge with Blueberries, or Quails in Rose Petals. Others just sound really odd, like Baltic Salmon in Leek-Caper Sauce with Figs (they had me until the figs).

The recipe for the classic Polish stew Bigos sounds like it would result in a massive amount of food:


2kg of sauerkraut, 2 kg of shredded cabbage, 150g of bacon, 400 g of boar sausage, 1.5 kg of pork shoulder, 400 g of sliced veal, 500 g of beef steak with bone, 300 grams of dried plums, 300 g apples, 100 g soaked, dried mushrooms, 200 ml of red wine, and assorted herbs.

I've yet to try any of of the recipes, but Mr. Ivriniel's family is Polish, so I figure we'll experiment with something soon.


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