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New Developments Regarding Jian Ghomeshi (Possible TW)

NOTE: I've included a trigger warning because, to be perfectly blunt, this is one very harrowing read, even if you're not familiar with this CBC Radio personality.

It turns out the Toronto Star has been investigating Jian Ghomeshi since May with respect to allegations of physical violence made by three women who became sexually involved with him. A fourth woman — now an ex-CBC employee — never had a sexual relationship with Jian but her story is tantamount to workplace sexual harrassment.

I consider myself someone who doesn't shock easily but I'm starting to understand why I kept on seeing the adjectives bad and dark being used this afternoon by media people who seemed to have some knowledge of what was headed down the pipeline.


ETA: I've since noticed a sidebar Letter From The Editor of the Toronto Star — Michael Cooke — explaining precisely why the decision was made that it was time to go ahead and publish this investigative report tonight.

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