For those who remember late 70s and 80s New England News there were three true titans of meteorology. Bruce Schwoegler of channel 4, Harvey Leonard of channel 7 and Dick “Dickie” Albert of channel 5. None since have come close maybe Barry Burbank and I really am impressed with Cindy Fitzgibbons. Burbank was with Schwoegler as backup and mornings during the weekends. Harvey Leonard is now chief meteorologist on channel 5 since Dickie retired.

Also in late 80s and early 90s Michelle Michaels came to WBZ and was excellent but they gave chief meteorologist to this guy who was horrble. She left soon after.

Bruce was wild to watch at times. During bad weather he was way too gleeful. I recall he predicted a hurricane and it seemed like it was to him Christmas and his birthday rolled in one.

Leonard the most professional, nice but boring. He is looser now but not by much. It seems like he became the model for future meteorologists.


Now Dickie. Oh god he deserved title of Dean of Weather in New England. Every forecast there was such a love he displayed for the profession. He turned it from something that could be dry into teachable moments and none showed such a love for doing it. He used acronyms like F&D to describe a nice day it stood for Fine and Dandy. BICO for Baby Its Cold Outside. Yet he displayed the serious n


need for bad days. I loved how he thread the needle between weather as entertaining but also a way to inform and educate along with seriousness for bad days.

May Burbank, Leonard and Fitzgibbons stay for more decades