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Welcome To The Bitchery

Note the following is done partly tongue in cheek. Although I do wonder why the hatred of New England teams in general.

Oddly I am so, so proud of the New England Patriots. They have not just achieved a string of Superbowl wins and dominated the AFC but are now the most hated NFL team.

When a team achieves this they are remembered. Musicals are made. Yes musicals.

We MADE it. We rank up with the Damn Yankees. We rank up with the 70s Raiders. We did it after decades of so so teams we hit Belichick/Brady era and what did they give us? I remember watching Steve Grogan and wishing the rest of the team was as good. If the players matched Grogan’s ability they not the Steelers would have dominaated in late 70s. Yet Belichick and Brave got us not just Superbowls but something more important in sports. Most hated team. In politics and in the globe being hated is bad, really bad. In sports when your team is the most hated, it means its dominating the sport.


Maybe we can get a musical called FU Patriots.

I do wonder though about this list from 2015. The top twelve most hated teams the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots are on this list. Red Sox is #3 and Patriots #2. Yankees are #1. I wonder if Patriots win on Sunday they will replace the Yankees.

Are New England sports teams really that hated across the nation? I assume New Yorkers hate the Sox like New Englanders hate the Yankees. Yet across the nation?


New England sports fans I assume are most hated there is an air of entitlement, smugness and a belief Boston area is the Hub of Sports.

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