Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

1) Cover story is about Orphan Black. Don't watch the show. Skip.

2) The Shaw Report is out. Jessica Shaw is leaving.

3) Hit List again dumb jokes.

4) Two pictures of new Rosemary's Baby.

5) Criminally Underrated Article

TV The Singing Detective 1986 totally agree well worth watching. No clue if its on Netflix but if it is watch it now.


Tilda Swinton's favorite unsung movies. Saw none of these movies she liked.

Other underrated movies. a still from the movie Splice. A woman with a tail. Never saw it.


Gremlins 2 is underrated? I loved the first. The second was same old, same old.

Games that are underrated. Wario Land Super Mario Land 3. Nope. If you have a Nintendo 3DS download Wario Land 3 not this game.


5) Movie reviews

Need for Speed got a C

Veronica Mars got a B

A small article asking why videogame movies are so lame. I kind of liked Super Mario Brothers movie. The worst was Street Fighter with VanDamme.


6) TV Reviews

Believe got a B minus, Resurrection a C.

7) Hold your horses. They made Rocky the musical and its on Broadway? Wow.

8) The Bullseye no clue who the guy is in the center.

Illustration for article titled New Entertainment Weekly

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