Sherlock Holmes is on the cover. Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock. Lots of pages dedicated to him. Ranking of best episodes.

Lots of pages for Grammy Awards. Yawn.

Well review on Jack Ryan film. They are rebooting it. I guess Ryan is no longer president. Now he is a Afghan War Veteran. Sigh. Ryan is not Bond. Clancy's Ryan aged has a family, a son who joined a covert group, oh also Ryan became president. Bond always remained an eternal agent.

Emma Thomson is in the bullseye.

Argh on 1/24 Chiller has an adaptation of Monkey's Paw. Comcast lacks Chiller. With G4 gone maybe Chiller could replace it.


Article on Bruce Dern.

Blacklist is Number One on their Must List.

Scan is over. Tonight I will read it when in the bathroom.