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New Experience of the Day (Gross baby stuff)

Did you know that baby boys can shoot pee across the room? It's true! I had heard of this phenomenon but had never experienced it. Until today, that is. I decided to help my sister out and change my nephew's poopy diaper. I was warned of flying pee but figured I knew how to prevent it. I was wrong. The second I let my guard down, suddenly there appeared in the air an arc of urine. It landed on me, on him, the floor, and the wall three feet away. Honestly, I was more amazed (jealous?) of his ability to shoot pee like a fountain. I'm still amazed as I write this. How is it possible for a 8 lb human to have a superpower? The ability to shoot pee at people would be pretty useful when fighting crime.

Does anyone else have any wonderful/gross/amazing baby stories?


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