Has anyone decided to delete their Facebook and make a new one? Would there be any good reasons for doing so?

I don't want to not have Fb, but I'm getting this sense of having to start fresh. I'm moving to a new city for grad school soon so I figure it wouldn't be bad. I don't want to necessarily erase people from my life, but I also don't want to have contact with so many people that I don't even check for. I know you can delete people but I think I just want to recreate my Facebook again in general.

Also, given recent events of someone looking up my Facebook and having reminders of ex-Hopeful through an acquaintance is not helping. Regardless, I've been thinking about this since before these incidents but always feel silly for thinking about it so much.

Just wondering. Probably won't decide what to do for a while. And yes, I know it's ultimately up to me, but I'd like input and thoughts.