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On top of everything else on our radars, I’m hoping that this doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Brett Talley would be a nightmare of a judge. A lifetime appointment, and he’s only 36. Decades of backwards racist, sexist, disgusting decisions await if he is appointed. I have literally zero faith that Talley can be impartial or properly judge a single case.

He’s out of committee, and if it’s indeed a party line vote he will be confirmed. The American Bar Association determined that he was not qualified (spoiler alert: he’s not even REMOTELY qualified). Yet as far as I know, it’s still very likely he’ll be confirmed because competency, good judgment, and common decency are evidently no longer required. Oh, and let’s not leave out that he “forgot” to list that his wife is Chief of Staff for the White House Counsel Don McGahn. Wonder how Trump heard of him, don’t you?


Lots of reading below but there’s more where this came from.




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