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Welcome To The Bitchery
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New Fur Baby!

Guys! I adopted a kitten. A little black kitten (not one spec of brown or white or anything)

Well really I was asked if I wanted one, and worried he’d end up at a kill-shelter or outside (my ex is kind of a nut) I said yes and just made do.

So I have an 8 1/2 week old kitten running around my home (currently he’s hopefully sleeping in the bathroom while I’m at work). Give me cat mommy tips please.

Currently I am still alternating wet food and dry. He’ll eat the dry but I think he’s teething (keeps biting things but not hard things). He’s toys, a scratching patch/box that he doesn’t really understand. He scratches it by accident then gets excited and bites it and runs away lol.

He’s only in the bathroom when I can’t keep an eye on him. He’s still a little awkward and also just a precious dumbdumb kitten face and I don’t want him to chew on a power cord or knock over and drown in a glass of water or something only a kitten/baby could manage to do.

He didn’t seem to protest the bathroom last night, clawed the door a little but I think that’s my fault it was a little warm in there (even though there patches of very cool tile cause we’re garden level) and he stayed an hour longer than usual cause I over slept. Please tell me I am not a horrible cat mommy and he’s going to be one of those demon spawn cats from the TLC show. We play at least 8 hours a day and cuddle and take naps together when I am not home. 


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