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New Haircut! (now with some edits)

Calling all hair stylists/hair enthusiast Jezzies! So I haven't had my hair done in like, 35 weeks. No time, no car. My old stylist moved to a different salon a while back, and it's pretty far from where I live. The new one has a really good reputation, But I need advice nevertheless.

So I have longish hair. It's goes about half way down to my chest. I don't know if that counts as long or medium, but whatever.

So here are my hair problems: it's kinda thick, even though It's been falling out like crazy-lots of stress that isn't going away anytime soon. I also have a split ends problem. It's naturally straight and sometimes has a wave to it because I braid it every night (unrelated-does this keep acne off your face? It makes my hair a bit kinky). Also, I have a serious knot problem. I have a leave in conditioner/detangler, and comb it every night. To get rid of the knots. I also have long bangs, and no longer want to color it (it has been every color, from David Bowie orange with a bit of a mullet and pink-the mullet was not my best moment).


So that's basically the best description I can give of my hair. What I want is a style that will frame my, roundish, heart shaped (I think) face. I need to thicken it, and I heard layers can do that. I never really style it, because it naturally looks pretty chic-but it usually goes up in a bun. I also want to get the dead ends off, but I don't want it to be too short. Should I get the uniform bottom length? I really don't know what style I want, or where to look at pictures. I am getting a consultation from the stylist, but I don't know the lingo.

So, are there any hair dressers out there? Anyone who speaks the language of locks? Most importantly, does a good haircut get rid of my hair falling out problem? I actually want to look like an adult. Thanks!

Edit: A few styles I found:




Gwen maybe?



Another Edit: I have lightish brown hair.

Last Edit: I took the advice and got a medium bob. The stylist made it wavy-nothing I could do in real life-so I may be stepping out tonight!

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