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New Jersey GT-ers?

Dammit, Kinja. You eated my picture. Oh wait, now it's back?

I know there are a lot of us, and while New Jersey may be geographically kinda small, it still takes at least an hour to get anywhere, always.


But... let's try to meet up? Maybe? I prefer Saturdays, if possible, but you know, whatever the rest of the kids want to do, I'm flexible.

For reference, my 'hood is the Bridgewater/Somerville area. There aren't many super-excellent bars here (although I have heard we are getting an old-school video game arcade in Somerville in the near future. No word just yet on whether or not it will have a bar). I'm willing to drive a bit, if any of You People have a better idea.

So let's think about it, mkay? I will even put on pants and leave the house, which I NEVER DO. But for you guys, I would.

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