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New job!

Today is my first day at my new job!

People are very nice, everyone who wanders into the design room gives me a handshake and a "Welcome!". The guy sitting next to me is animating and soldering something for his 3D-pig-car-project. The place seems Chaotic/Awesome!

It's almost nearing lunchtime and I'm starting to get a case of the Imposter Syndrome's. What if I can't do this first thing they are asking me to do? I can't really animate, what if they want me too? What if I fail right away? Everyone seems to have it all together and I'm don't! Panic! But it's an excited kind of panic, so it's okay :)


For now, I'm focussing on reading as much as I can and preparing myself as well as I can when I do start working.


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