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New Job and Ex-BF craziness

So I started a new job about 3 weeks ago, it’s very busy but manageable (but no more Kinja breaks because I’m not waiting around on other people). I don’t know if this is a company I could see myself at forever, forever but it’s definitely the kind of job that gets me to the next thing.

The culture of the company is...interesting. It’s a little crunchy and kumbaya for my taste but the owner seems to actually give a damn about his employees, and I mean this CEO took the time to say hello and check on me on my 3rd day and trust me I’m merely an HR/recruiting cog not a supervisor or anything. So whatever I’ll smile and fake my way through the YAY TEAM stuff (or skip it by timing my phone interviews correctly).

Right now I’m working for a consultant who I love and I’m super sad to see her go, but I’m really hoping and the stuff we’ve talked about seems like we’ll definitely stay in professional contact and maybe I can do projects or telework with her down the line. She straight up asked who I would feel working as a 1099 employee. There is also another consultant who I will not be sorry to see go but in an effort to be nice I’ll stop it there.


So the ex-BF has popped back into my life tangentially after being broken up 3 years. So last week I get a Facebook message from the Ex’s brother he and I were close, we worked together, he went to the same college as me and Ex. There’s been Facebook contact so I wasn’t totally surprised. After some regular chatting he came out and asked why the ex and I broke up. He told me I had every right to not discuss it but the ex had something going on and he’s trying to piece some things together.

I gave him the gist: we stopped being happy, but had been together so long neither of us knew how to get out and we were drinking too much, Ex was unhappy too but stubborn and that’s why he took it so hard and felt blindsided.

Ex’s brother said “Yeah that’s what I thought it was kind of apparent”. He then tells me about how Ex has a “godson” that he’s not sure is just a godson. So some random girl that no one knew or ever met before went and made my ex the godfather to her son. The kid was visiting monthly and now its weekly. Also this kid looks just like my ex. He’s still saying it’s his godson but his brother doesn’t believe him.

Ex’s brother asked about our break-up because the math would indicate the kid would have been conceived when we were still together. So if I’d said we broke up because he cheated on me that would have confirmed what he’s thinking. So instead I know get to wonder if ex got someone pregnant while we were still together, yet kept contacting me for like 3 months after we broke up, sent flowers to my work and I literally had to have the break-up conversation like 4 times because HE WOULD NOT FUCKING GET IT.


Geekboy doesn’t get why it bothers me. Am I crazy for letting the ex’s possible secret kid bother me? That’s a big thing right?

But things are better professionally. So there’s that.

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