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Before the holidays I posted about my difficult decision to step back from working directly with people (in social-service settings) and look for an office job that will take me away from the "front lines". Well, I've found a new gig! I'm an admin assistant at a community services clearinghouse type of agency. I've been there a little over a week and it seems like it'll be just what I was hoping for. I am SO GRATEFUL. I feel like I'm still contributing and helping folks, but I'm no longer dealing all day long with challenging and difficult people who drain all my energy and compassion. I'm already a million times happier and more relaxed!


I'll be earning a bit less than before - not a lot, but enough that we'll notice it if we aren't careful. Not like we've ever been high-income anyway. Mr. Geek is pretty wonderful in being cool about all this.

And here's my complaint: I can't even count the number of people who are disdainful of administrative/office work and the people who perform it. (My new job is technically a lower-level one than my previous was.) It's really infuriating. Lots of the direct-service providers and policy makers I've worked with think that this new job is beneath me, because it's "lower status". THIS CAUSES ME RAGE. I've worked up and down the corporate ladder over my lifetime, and I've never been patient with this attitude of looking down your nose at the office grunts. Do you know how many executive directors couldn't find their ass with both hands if they didn't have an amazing staff supporting them behind the scenes? And how many service providers would never be able to help their clients without a smart and organized assistant?


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