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First of all, how’s this for a place to spend a work day?

I have a new job in my field (fisheries) and while it’s not exactly mentally stimulating, it’s a step in the right direction for me. It involves spending a lot of time on docks, handling fish and fishing equipment. It’s a rough and wet environment.


Due to this, I needed new clothes. But hey, I’ve got Dick’s, Eddie Bauer, Columbia, REI, and various places around me. I went to one store and told the employee that I’m looking for thick, sturdy pants with lots of pockets. He kinda looks around the store and asks, “Would you be willing to look at men’s pants?”

See, most outdoorsy women’s pants are for hiking- thin, though ripstop and water resistant. And that’s important! I got a pair for the hot days I’m outside. But they’re still body tight, meaning the one zippered leg pocket (if there’s one at all) won’t let you fit much in it. And I need somewhere for my knife, pencils, tools, etc. Columbia only had one pair of women’s pants that had a side pocket at all! The normal front pockets are fairly shallow too, meaning my phone can probably fit in, but not with much room.

But the men’s pants are thick work pants, with a knife pocket on one leg and a zippered pocket on the other. If I reach for my keys in a front pocket, my arm slips in until half my forearm is in the pocket! I’m not exaggerating!

They’re perfect! They might not look sexy on me, my butt is probably shapeless in them, but they make for great work pants. So why aren’t there any specially for women?


There are some brands that do. A coworker has a pair of Kuhl pants that I covet and will probably order a pair of online, but most brick and mortar stores - even those specifically for hunting and the outdoors, fall woefully short.

Pocket privilege is real, y’all.

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