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Yay! I am employed as hell you guys! It’s in my industry, pretty much the same thing I was doing before but with a new company- and a huge goddamn weight off my shoulders.

Unfortunately one of my co-workers is awful. He’s young, only like 24 and from St. Maarten island and a giant sexist. All women are ‘females’, he has a girlfriend (his woman) and a woman he is having a baby with (babymomma). He’s angry at the girl who is pregnant because she is threatening to take him to court for child support- “because females always be wanting my money” even though he did not tell her he had a significant other when they slept together, led her to believe they were going to have a romantic relationship and has not paid for anything associated with her pregnancy yet(and proudly expounds on these points at work). He loves to have very personal fights and conversations on his cell phone with me in the car while we go to a removal. I finally snapped, told him I am a woman not a just a female and he needed to keep his problems at home. I said I would no longer let him spew this sexism all over my workplace. I was told that was just how things were in the islands- but we aren’t IN the islands, we are in an American workplace and I won’t stand for it anymore douchebag.


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